Jerry Welsh’s Comments

December 2, 2008

Tim, Thanks for asking me to write some information about Ed Hubert for today’s ceremony.

Ed played successfully in all of the Massena basketball programs. He began at Lincoln school and then on to the Junior High under Dave Stevens. Later, at Massena High, he played for coaches Jerry Hourihan, Charlie Boots, Lee Baines and myself.

We promoted Ed to the varsity during the later part of his freshman year. He then played his entire sophomore, junior and senior years on the varsity, where the raiders were regular season and play-off champions each year.

Ed was not only one of the very best players to ever play at Massena Central School – he was also an excellent team leader. Because of Ed’s ability, knowledge, work ethic and unselfishness, his teammates looked up to him and followed him faithfully.

Ed also taught his coach. He taught me not to confuse emotion with intensity. Many athletes run around jumping, yelling and clapping and we always think of them as intense players.

Ed was not that way. No player wanted to win more than he did, but he kept his emotions inside and was never out-competed. He played with intensity always under control and his teammates followed.

And that my friends, is one of the main reasons his teams lost only three games in his Red Raider career.

Ed has always wanted to give back. He has served many years as a coach, volunteer and President of the Massena Basketball Association, because he wanted to assist the youth of our community, as others before had helped him.

Most Massena sports fans know Ed is in our schools Sports Hall of Fame as an individual. Many probably do not know that all four of his basketball teams are also in the Hall, and this is not just a coincidence. Ed was that good! Stop and think about this for a second or two! Do you know any other Raider who has accomplished this? I don’t.

As outstanding a player, honor student, employee and administrator at the New York Power Authority Ed was, he has done something else that has trumped all these accomplishments, He is a wonderful husband, father, brother and a true friend to many.

Ed has accomplished this, not alone, but together with his wonderful wife, Nancy.

The Massena Basketball Association’s Sportsmanship Award that is now being named in honor of Ed is so appropriate.

Every player who plays in the association and for the Raiders should try to emulate Ed’s conduct, both on and off the court. Ed Hubert displays strong ethics and true sportsmanship in both his daily life and in every sporting event in which he plays.

Congratulations, Ed. Thanks to all and God Bless.

Jerry Welsh