Ed Hubert’s Acceptance Speech




I’m very…… HAPPY to receive this recognition

But you know it’s not about Edward Hubert, it’s about the 26 young men & women recipients to date and to those in the future who represent the ideals of this award.

A man we all know, Jerry Welsh, who certainly has been my mentor, always said there are 3 things critical to being a successful athlete.

Be a good person – with good values, morals, respect, and character

Be a good student – develop a disciplined work ethic, never stop learning

Be a good athlete – challenge yourself to improve, accept your team role

If you keep these 3 priorities straight, you’ll be successful at whatever you do.

I want to thank Tim Currier, Commissioner of Massena Basketball Association, Varsity coaches Tom Miller & Andrea Matejcik, and the Massena School Administration for making tonight’s recognition possible.

Thanks to my family and many friends and guests for being here tonight.

I know my family will be proud each and every year this award is given.

Thanks to you all for creating another memory for me. God bless you all!