Here is a list of frequently asked questions we get at the MBA. Still can’t find the information you need? Feel free to contact us!


Q: Can kids in Pre-K play?

A: Yes! If the parents stay and help out, that is fine. Often times children that young have a shorter attention span or are too little so we will need extra help making sure everyone is taken care of.

Q: Can you play even though you can’t afford the registration?

A: Yes, you would have to write a letter to the board using the ‘contact’ section on the website and they will look into sponsoring you.

Q: What is the typical class size in the K-1st league?

A: Usually somewhere between 25 and 30 kids.

Q: What is the typical team size in house league?

A: Usually around 13, depending on the amount of coaches we have volunteering.

Q: How many gyms do you use for house league games and practices?

A: Two, Jefferson and Madison.

Q: How long has the ‘Biddy Basketball’/MBA been around?

A: We’ve had children’s organized basketball since 1968!

Q: Why do you play with only 4 people on the court for house league?

A: The gyms are small and we want everyone on the floor to get more opportunities to touch the ball and develop their skills.

Q: Why do house league players use 8 or 9 foot baskets?

A: It is important for the players to develop their shooting form properly. As children grow, then we raise the height. We don’t want the kids forcing a shot with incorrect form.